Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Strip Retail Center Near Fiesta Mall Noticed for Trustee Sale

Area Map

The 71,500 square foot Mercado Fiesta strip retail center was noticed for trustee sale Monday on a securitized $11.4 million note. This debt originated in 2005 with Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital, with 5.15% interest and a balloon balance of $9,437,242. It was securitized later in 2005 (CMBS).

Located directly northwest of Fiesta Mall, the Mercado Fiesta Center consists of four single story buildings with tenants such as "Starbucks" and "Regency Beauty Institute". The auction is scheduled for noon on December 28th at the main entrance of the Superior Court building in Phoenix. Michelle Ghidotti Gonsalves of Beacon Default Management serves as trustee.

For more information on this property including complete history and trustor/beneficiary contacts, visit us at our website or send us an email. We're happy to hear from you!


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