Friday, April 25, 2014

Google Fiber Update -- Metro Phoenix

By: Cody Weisel |

April 25th, 2014  Earlier this year Google Inc. announced Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe as potential locations for Google Fiber. The gigabit broadband service, which is some 100 times faster than current internet providers, has already broken ground in Austin, Kansas City and Provo, and could revolutionize existing broadband service for nearly 30% of Arizonans. So what exactly are the next steps for our Valley cities in obtaining this?

Google Inc. uses the Fiber Ready Checklist to evaluate the feasibility of installing Google Fiber. The three step list requires cities to provide the following:  1.) Provide information about existing infrastructure, 2.) Help ensure access to existing infrastructure, and 3.) Make construction speedy and predictable.  

All three municipalities are currently working within the first stage of the checklist process by submitting a slew of municipal data to Google Inc. This data is to be submitted to Google Inc. by May 1st and will be used later this year to create a model of each city’s infrastructure. The complete layout of each city will then allow Google Inc. to assess the feasibility of designing and constructing the Fiber networks. In addition to these mammoth data submissions, each city is actively obtaining legal counsel on how to negotiate the leasing of municipally-owned property to Google Inc. for Network Huts (1,400 square-foot un-manned structures to house network equipment and fiber).
It’s hard not to get excited about broadband speeds being up to 100 times faster than what’s currently offered, however it is important to note that the prospect of Google Fiber has not necessarily been secured by any of the municipalities. Residents of Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe should expect a lengthy evaluation process and an official announcement from Google Inc. later this year regarding those cities which will be receiving the new Fiber service.  


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